Brandy Vega is a cutting-edge entrepreneur, a skillful media guru, best selling author, a loyal mother, spirited philanthropist and driven advocate.

At age 17, she graduated high school six months early to join the United States Army as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist. She served tours in Kosovo and several other deployments with distinction. Her time in the Army gave her the opportunity to brief and interview many United States senior officials including President George W. Bush, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld.

At 20 years old, Brandy landed her first on-air job as a reporter for FOX News, making her the youngest reporter ever hired by the station. She went on to work for several markets during her TV News career including stations in Arizona and Utah.

Brandy has produced shows for worldwide audiences such as the LDS General Conference, Music and the Spoken Word, and the Tabernacle Choir’s Annual Christmas Concert. She has been the talent for local and national commercials as well as a host for several live morning shows. Brandy is competent in both the administrative duties of writing, editing, and producing as well as the technical elements of camera operating, lighting, audio, and equipment maintenance.

In addition to her impeccable producing and reporting skills, Brandy has developed her keen business sense by leading teams of employees while in various executive positions. These business skills combined with her entrepreneurial nature enabled Brandy to build her own video production company – Vega Media Studios in 2014 – where she works with companies such as Qualtrics, Vivint, ABC, MTV, Harmon Brothers, Religious Organizations and many more.

While Brandy is a very accomplished entrepreneur, her heart also lies with humanitarian work. She created her own nonprofit organization called Good Deed Revolution in 2015 and has helped hundreds of people. In this venture, Brandy energetically strives to promote good deeds throughout the world by providing an online platform for people to join a community and share their experiences spreading kindness to those around them.

In an effort to save lives, Brandy has been very vulnerable sharing her story of her teen daughters suicide attempts and her girls struggles with mental health. She is launching a sucide prevention and mental health series to combat this second global pandemic.

Brandy is highly adventurous and has an optimistic, larger-than-life personality. She is a state certified handgun and CCW instructor as well as a self-defense instructor. She was a surrogate for strangers at 40 years old and adopted a baby born addicted to meth in 2017 all as a single mother! Brandy has learned the art of resiliency and grounded determination. She values time with her children and her amazing husband whom she married in 2020. Her life goal is to live the title of her book, Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy.